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A Lamb in the Parking Lot

January 13, 2013

Plastic LambBack in June of 2011, I was leaving Millbrook High School, as a parent, for the last time. My son had just graduated that day and I was feeling happy and full of joy for him. It was a beautiful day, but  also very hot as we walked the distance from the cafeteria back to the car. Halfway there I happened to look down and something caught my eye. It looked like a plastic cow or was it a sheep. I had my camera and took a picture of it laying there, as if it was waiting for me to come and pick it up. What was this little creature doing laying face down in a hot parking lot? It was so out of place.

I picked it up and decided it was some kind of sign to remember the sheep painting I’d envisioned back in February of 2011. Like my son (and me, too, by extension)  had reached a significant milestone in life,  this little plastic lamb in the parking lot was like a sign post for me to get started on the  journey. In an instant, it was not a painting to create, but a series of illustrations and paintings. This was the green light that my original thought was not just a passing fancy.

So with that in mind, my Sheep Series of paintings that underscore the unity of the faith (the work of the Holy Spirit) throughout cultures grew legs so to speak. Although the reminder had come in a form with plastic legs in a melting hot parking lot, I took it as a sign that this was a work that should not be ignored. And so the journey began….

Please join me in this journey by pledging today.  Here is the URL:


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