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For You: Moses, Zipporah and Her Midianite Sisters

February 11, 2013

4 Ewe and You and U is a uniquely odd ministering art series that will always include a reference to sheep (rams and ewes), shepherds (males and females), flocks (from all nations) and a symbolic reference to the chief SHEPHERD, Jesus, the Lamb of God. Granted, I did not meet my targeted, public,, fundraising campaign goals, but I did gather enough supporters via social networking sites and other contacts to move forward, anyhow. Thank you for the support and words of encouragement.

OK, so moving forward with the “coalition of the willing,” I am excitedly looking forward to the next level of 4 Ewe and You and U, which includes the production of the third painting in the series entitled; For You: Moses, Zipporah and Her Midianite Sisters. For You: Moses, Zipporah and Her Midianite Sisters is a 16′ x 20″x 1.5″ deep, wrapped canvas.  My inspiration and research for this piece and others will come from my favorite version of the Bible, Dakes Annotated Reference Bible. When I read this particular Bible, there is no telling where I will end up and how long I will be “gone.” I imaging reading a good reference Bible would be like scuba diving, in that there is so much to see that you mentally have to come up for air.

This painting is inspired by Exodus 2:16 -22 when Moses meets his soon-to-be wife, six sister-in-laws, father-in-law Jethro or Reuel, and all of those sheep! And, Exodus 4:24-26 where  Zipporah saves Moses’ life because of a serious offense Moses had committed against God. 

Their story could actually be two paintings, #1 A simple painting with Zipporah and her six sisters, their sheep and Moses coming to their rescue. And #2 could be an illustration of Zipporah figuring out why God is trying to kill her man, and then taking the correct steps to intervene, hence saving the man’s life!

Oh, the little Midianite shepherdesses and their sheep are crowding my head. I can’t wait to see what gets committed to canvas! Can you?

See ewe and you soon.

Carrie B. Harris




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