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Carrie and Baby Gretel

Carrie and Baby Gretel

My name is Carrie. I was born in North Carolina and I have been painting and writing for as long as I can remember. I am a graphic designer by trade, but my first loves are art and literature. Art and literature always go together. Over the last ten to thirteen years, the inspiration to illustrate stories from the Bible has grown more and more. My art has always been a vehicle to make visual commentary on social issues and the like. Back in 2003, I did a painting entitled, “The Harvest Truly is Plentiful, But the Laborers are Few.” The prints I have sold and distributed have been a source of joy and evangelism.  While the painting is not part of a complete series, it remains fertile ground to revisit the need to evangelize the gospel (in my case, through art)  because there is a dearth of gifted people who  can effectively use the arts in this way.

The new project I have started is entitled 4 Ewe and You and U. It will ultimately be a 21 piece series of illustrations and paintings based on John 10: 14-16. While I will use other biblical texts as inspiration and support of John 10:14-16, the ultimate reason for all of this creative expression is ultimately to learn and share more about Jesus Christ.

I find that creating and sharing art with people, especially young people, children and youth, is a great way to appreciate, contemplate, and be inspired to do and learn more. I look forward to sharing this latest project with everyone.


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